Individual Lash Extension

Transform your lashes with Individual Lash Extensions to give you longer, fuller and more natural looking lashes. These lash extensions last up to 8 weeks or longer with our lash infill’s service.

Each single individual lash is applied to your own single lashes to give you stunning, natural looking lashes,. There are a variety of different lengths to choose from ensuring you have the perfect eye-catching look for any occasion.


  • Individual Lashes – Full Set £60
  • Individual Lashes – 1/2 Set £45
  • Individual Lashes – Infills £25

LVL Lash Lift

Our most popular lashes are the LVL Lash Lift (length-volume-lift) which is a natural looking way to give your lashes an extra boost. In just 45 minutes you can have a full set of silky lashes with a natural looking curl that you’ll just love, these lashes automatically brightens your eyes, making you look younger and more revitalised.

The LVL treatment will give you longer, thicker and natural looking lashes for up to 8 weeks without the need for an eyelash curler or extensions. These lashes are a perfect choice for a holidays, a weekend away or that special occasion, they will last for a long time and need zero maintenance.


  • LVL Lash Lift £40

LVL Lashes Bromley

Party Lashes

These lashes are for those who want that glamorous look, ideal for parties and hen dos, and last 3-5 days before falling out naturally.


  • Party Lash £15

Lash Tint & Lash Removal


  • Lash Tint £10
  • Strip Lash Application £10